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Posted in: Skin Care On: May 18, 2016


Hey guys! Let me introduce myself. I’m Patricia! I’m in grade 12 at school, I have the most unmanageable hair in the history of the universe. I have an intense passion for acting and writing, and my skin can be sometimes subjected to breakouts. Today I’ll be reviewing a fantastic new line of products for teen skin called Truegirl. The name is a bit iffy with me, because it’s not just girls who can use it. It’s also great for boy’s skin too! Three products from the line have captured my interest: the Zingy Passion Fruit Toner Splash, the Cleansing Pampering Pear Wipe-Outs, and the Radiant Green Mango Mask. By using these products, I noticed an improvement and clarity in my skin in under a week!


First up, it’s the Cleansing Pampering Pear Wipe-Outs. I absolutely LOVE this product as it smells great and feels AMAZING on my skin. I use it in the mornings, evenings and after exercise when I am feeling too lazy to lotion cleanse or when my skin feels oily or sweaty. The wipes smell like sweet pear and it feels really cool and pleasant on my skin when I give my skin a wipe over with them. I’ve also noticed that they are pretty good at removing makeup as well! This product would have to be the easiest to use, as it’s just ripping open a pretty purple packet and wiping the wipe over the face, paying special attention to the T-zone and the oily or problem parts of the face. No need for water or to wash it off! Just wipe and go, easy! (I recommend this one!)


Next, the Zingy Passion Fruit Toner Splash is perfect for a fresh, glowing skin that will look great all day! It is so easy to use too, and it’s in a really cool, bright blue spray bottle! Well, I obviously had to read the instructions first, but even then, on my first try, I ended up clumsily spraying my fringe because I pointed the nozzle the wrong way, until I realized that I had to spray it on a cloth and apply it over my face. Oh, and it’s made out of all natural stuff, so it doesn’t stain or clog the skin (or, in my case, hair, lol). I usually use it on my face after cleansing in the mornings before I go to school and after I have a shower in the evening, to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean all through the night as well. Strangely enough, it doesn’t actually smell like passion fruit. To me, it kind of smells like fruit tingles, which I am not complaining about because I very much enjoy fruit tingles! After I used this product, my skin felt refreshed and energized.


The last product is the Radiant Green Mango Mask.  I really like this one, as it is in a vibrant green tube (I like green, very much), it smells like mangoes and summer, and it is very effective at clearing up the everyday breakout, as well as,  those pesky pimples that pop up when we least want them to. Just apply to dry skin after cleansing, then use the mask once or twice a week, leave on for no longer than 5-10 minutes, then wash off with a warm face washer. It got a bit hard and I couldn’t move my face for a while and I was beginning to look like an Egyptian mummy, but after I washed it off, I can assure you that my skin felt fantastic! I would recommend this product to any teen as it is very effective at cleaning the skin, especially with my school formal around the corner!


These Truegirl products have made my skin feel smooth, soft and fresh in a little under a week. I don’t need to wear makeup, that’s how good my skin is looking! I would recommend the entire line of Truegirl to any teen with any skin type, as I believe that it is important to take care of your skin now, or it will really hate you in the future (I’m talking massive wrinkles and pimple marks and nasty stuff like that). So, as the Truegirl slogan says, “Stay True”.


Thanks for reading

Patricia xx


P.S stay tuned for my next blog.  This time it will be the Complete Harmony’s Teenage Detox/Purify facial.  I can’t wait to be pampered!


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